Photographic Essays

My Corona Experience (March to July 2020)

My Corona Experience shows images that were either newly taken in 2020 or rediscovered and re-edited during the review of my archive in 2020.

Changed Landscape – Homage to Robert Häusser

Still before the restrictions, when I was frequently driving through the Palatinate agricultural landscapes at low temperatures in February, I noticed the many covered vegetable fields. Of course, as in many years before, the graphical character of these fields caught my eye, and a photograph by Robert Häusser from the 1950s came to my mind (Veränderte Landschaft, 1959), in which he had further abstracted the landscape in his picture by using strict black and white contrasts. With this pictorial idea in mind, I finally began taking photographs for this series in March. Time was pressing, as it was clear that the fields would only be covered for a few more weeks. Since the river Rhine plain on both sides of the river is indeed largely flat and offers hardly any elevated viewpoints that give the landscape an extension in the vertical and make the graphical structures visible, I used a super high camera stand for the photographs, which can be extended to a height of more than seven meters. (Incidentally, Robert Häusser had a natural elevated viewpoint when he took his picture.)

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Cerro Rico

Cerro Rico is a series of pictures that have been lying dormant in my archive for almost 20 years and which I rediscovered at the end of April 2020.


Contemplationes Reloaded

While reviewing my archive of colour negatives, I came across some pictures that fit into the Contemplationes series.



The Neckarspitze in Mannheim is the last spot of land that extends into the confluence of river Neckar and river Rhine.



Zewa wisch und weg (»wipe and gone«).