Photographic Essays

My Corona Experience (March to July 2020)

My Corona Experience shows images that were either newly taken in 2020 or rediscovered and re-edited during the review of my archive in 2020.

Changed Landscape – Homage to Robert Häusser

Still before the restrictions, when I was frequently driving through the Palatinate agricultural landscapes at low temperatures in February, I noticed the many covered vegetable fields.


Cerro Rico

Cerro Rico is a series of pictures that have been lying dormant in my archive for almost 20 years and which I rediscovered at the end of April 2020.


Contemplationes Reloaded

While reviewing my archive of colour negatives, I came across some pictures that fit into the Contemplationes series. With some of them I was surprised that I had not recognized them as being suitable for this series when I first looked at the contact sheets. However, with most of these rediscoveries it was clear already earlier that I could not have printed them by colour darkroom techniques in a way meeting the style of the Contemplationes series.

Again, I scanned the medium format negatives with 4000 dpi. The challenge in image editing was to deal with the contrasts, some of which were too high or too low. In spite of all the delicate, bright depiction of the series it is crucial for the composition that there are shadow points though in extremely small proportions of the image. In digital image editing it is possible to selectively highlight individual image elements which is not possible in analogue printing.

However, digital images have a smaller tonal range in the highlights than analogue ones. That’s why I occasionally used scans of analogue prints and not of negatives as initial files for digital editing.

Besides the new discoveries, the time at home allowed me to digitally reinterpret negatives already printed in analogue for the series: Contemplationes Reloaded.

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The Neckarspitze in Mannheim is the last spot of land that extends into the confluence of river Neckar and river Rhine.



Zewa wisch und weg (»wipe and gone«).