Photographic Essays

My Iceland Experience II (July to August 2013)

Was it just my individual impression or was it really true that in 2013 much more tourists showed up at all these spectacular places of interest in Iceland than during my first visit in 2007? A quick look into the statistics reveals that 485000 tourists visited Iceland in 2007 and 807000 in 2013.

After a couple of days where I was annoyed about crowds of tourists and where I spent a lot of time with waiting for an empty frame, I decided to pick out exactly these streams of visitors as my central photographic subject. Ironically, from then on I had to wait until the next busloads arrived to get a full frame! The results were picturesque and more exciting than the illusion of a make-believe intact nature. The outstanding landscape of Iceland which is crawling with visitors – the most impressive experience of this trip, not least compared to the trip six years ago.

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