Photographic Essays

My Burgundy Experience (August to September 2019)

Anyone who goes to Burgundy also visits its cathedrals and churches. The sacrificial candles in the churches are a popular photo subject everywhere not only in Burgundy. This was also the case for me in the past. However, I had never noticed where these candles were placed in the church or what they actually stood for. It was in the cathedral Saint-Lazare in Autun, when suddenly a beam of light fell on the statue of Christ behind a candle holder. At that moment I realized that the candles were always in front of the statue or image of a Christian saint figure and that the donors prayed to them, thanked them or hoped for special help in any relation to this figure. From then on, my awareness of the figure was raised and I took not only the candle holder, but also the related figure into the picture. The figure was in the light, I made the rest disappear in the dark.

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