Photographic Essays

My Disneyland Experience (August 2019)

It’s Micky, Donald and Goofy who attract the attention of the visitors, for whom everyone is queuing up to be photographed with them. But these aren't the main characters who guarantee the smooth running of Disneyland. It is the hundreds of men and women who do the sometimes uncomfortable tasks that have to be done in the park.

Some of them catch your eye, like the ice cream man, balloon seller or caricaturist, others are almost invisible, like security staff, waiters or just the cleaning crew.

Shortly after entering Disneyland, I noticed the first cleaning lady in her bright white outfit. I approached her and, like everyone else I approached, she was completely relaxed to be photographed. Many felt touched and were happy for the attention they were given. All wore a tag with their first name and place of birth.

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